One of the most common behaviour we see in dogs is licking our ears. Majority of pet owners are used to being licked by their dogs which is a sign of dogs expressing their love & affection towards their humans or other furry friends. Though there is no definite or valid answer we have found to the most common questions asked as to “Why Does My Dog Loves to Lick Others dogs Ears or Its humans ears?”.

Some of the possible reasons behind dogs licking the ears might be as follows :-


Most common way for a dog to express its love comes by the behaviour of licking other furry friends ears or their humans ears. By doing this ear licking behaviour the dogs get full attention of their furry friend or humans which results them to have a mind set of they getting rewarded by the humans. Here the Reward is ones attention that the dog gets in return. Also the ear licking of humans means that your dog is comfortable with you & likes being around you as a member of family. If you see in past before the humans increased & developed dogs used to live in packs in the wild & they would lick their packmates ears to show them that they are accepted as a part of their pack.


As a symbol of Respect also it is very likely for a dog to lick one’s ears.


If your dog has no activity or he is not kept busy he is tend to get bored as he needs to burn out his energy somewhere or the other. So to keep themselves busy they tend to lick ones ears. Hence it is very important to divert your dogs attention by providing alternatives like initiate a game or give them interactive toys or fun feeder toy so that your dog is busy and these toys keep them interested and busy for a longer time then a regular toy does. You can also provide something on which they can chew on to for a longer time. eg teething toys or rawhide bones.


Dogs are accustomed to helping their pack-mates with grooming tasks. A dog licking your ears may be them attempting to clean you or give you a bath.


SMELL is something that dogs sense 40 times more than humans. Be however clean your ears are, dogs have variety of unique smells that appeal to dogs.
TASTE Dogs have about one-sixth the number of taste buds than humans have. Resulting in Love for the taste of ones Ear Wax. Dogs are attracted to odd and interesting smells, and ear wax definitely has those traits. On top of that, dogs tend to like to eat strange things, so don’t be surprised if your dog happens to just like the taste of your ear wax.
SUBMISSION this ear licking behaviour can also be a sign of Submission to humans.

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