Dog Vacuum Cleaner

Bow wow wow wow wow wow wow! Is this how your dog reacts to the Vacuum Cleaner? Perhaps he feels the alien is back and will get him too? Vacuum cleaners aren’t going anywhere so we need to figure a way of being able to teach our pooches to co-exist with this noisy necessity.


Your dog probably knows the nooks and corners of your house better than you do, so imagine his fright when this huge thing shows up from nowhere and starts to make this obnoxious sound!

Dogs as we all know can hear 7 times louder than we do. If the sound of the vacuum irritates you, imagine what it’s doing to your pooch! But then isn’t the TV as noisy or the mixer grinder as annoying? They certainly are, but because those are more constant noises, your dog’s gotten accustomed to those. The vacuum cleaner comes out once or twice a week in comparison!

We also know dogs see the world through their nose.. When a vacuum is used, it is technically messing with the scent of the carpet, couch or the floor by removing the dust/dirt off it. This might irritate your pooch, that’s what the snarling and the excessive barking..

What can we do?


To begin with, you can manage the situation by moving your dog away during the time of the vacuum is in use.

For example, you could take your dog for a walk while someone else cleans the house, or you could just move your dog to a quieter room and may be switch the TV on, so that the noise of the vacuum dies down..

Management techniques work brilliantly and effectively. But they are stop gap arrangements until you are able to train your dog to co-exist with the dreaded vacuum!


When you get your puppy home, you must get in touch with a good trainer/behaviorist. A local trainer will just give you basic commands and wouldn’t know where to begin training for all these day-to-day situations.

A good trainer will teach you in a step by step program how to acclimate your puppy to the vacuum, so when it’s time to do the deed, your pooch isn’t cowering or attacking it. Keeping your dog mentally stimulated during the time would be key in training him

They will teach you how to create a positive association with the vacuum. Probably vacuum time is also treat time, or perhaps a game of tug? This obviously doesn’t mean you need to play or give treats to your puppy every time the vacuum leaves the closet! Your trainer will help you with the program of how this is effectively done.

The next thing to do would be desensitizing the noise of the vacuum and familiarizing the movement of the vacuum.

Check with your trainer on how to go about doing these effectively. Please do not rely on internet research.

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