Rest Pro Flea Tick Ban – 225ml

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  1. Ready to use Fleas, Ticks Killer & Repellent Spray.
  2. Pet Flea & Tick Control Spray.

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  1. Repellent & contact killer spray, stops itching & scratching.
  2. Comfortable for dry skin & hot spot.
  3. Restores coat.
  4. Will not stain furniture or carpet.
  5. Replaces flea & tick drops, pills, powders, injections.
  6. Pleasant aroma.
  7. Human Friendly.

Direction to use :- Rub coat in opposite direction and spray close to skin, belly, body, legs & tail. Spray on to hands or cloth to apply to face and ears. Do not soak dogs. Safe for everyday use.

Active Ingredients :- Lemongrass Oil 2.1%, Levendar Oil 0.5%, Hydredated Silica 1.3%, SLS 1.5%, Inert 94.6%.

Caution :- Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct eye contact. Avoid if allergic or hypersensitive to any form of silica or silica based products.

First Aid :- In case of eye contact hold eyelids open and flash with plenty of water for at least 15mins. Seek medical attention if irritation occurs or persists.

Storage & Disposal :- Always store in cool & dry area inaccessible to children or pets. Store & Transport in an upright position. Dispose if empty. Do not reuse container. Place in a thrash or offer for recycling if available.

Important :- Materials used in Rest Well formulation are not covered under the schedule of insecticide act 1968; hence no license is required from any organisation for storage as well as trading.

Notice :- Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions.

Content Source :- As on the container/product packaging.


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