Cat Scoopers

Having a Dog or Cat pooper-scooper which is also called as poop scoop or Cat Scoopers, is a very healthy habit for your pet and you. This helps to collect your pet poop without being in direct contact with the feces and keep the place clean and tidy.

We strongly recommend to carry this if your Pet is not toilet trained and has to go out of the house for his/her nature call. Doing so you keep your society, compound, lane, street or area clean. There are several types of cat scoopers with various sizes and features or length of the handle and the claw sizes.

Here are some small size poop scoopers that are a very handy tool and easy to use to pick up your cats poop. Big size scoopers for Dogs and outdoor use are available here –

We also have some great collections of Cat Scoopers available to buy online on other ecommerce site like, flipkart,com, and others.

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