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Even if you have a short haired dachshund or a long haired dachshund, there are some basic daily grooming tips you need to know and practice. Here in Mumbai we generally see Short Haired Dachshund more so in this article we will be discussing on How to Groom A Short Haired Dachshund?

Advantage of having a Short Haired Dachshund is there are no mats or knots, but yes they do need grooming to remove dead hair and to distribute body oils. Regular grooming of your short-haired dog will help reduce the amount of shed hair that accumulates in your house, on
your furniture, and all over your clothes! Short haired Dachshund majority of times enjoys a gentle brushing to distribute oils on the skin and remove dead hair and they also feel a lot like being petted, and most dogs are pretty happy about that. Advantage of being short haired is, he does not have to experience pulling and tugging on his coat like his long-haired furry friends. Also, removing dead hair from your dog’s coat will help him to regulate his body temperature better and reduce itching, as natural oils are distributed during the process of combing. As an added benefit, you will be more likely to discover parasites and skin conditions in a timely manner if you groom your short-haired dog regularly.

For shorthaired dachshunds, use a hard rubber brush or a comb with rubber nubs. Run this across your dog’s body every couple days to remove shedding hairs. After brushing use a silk scarf and rub it over the coat to shine it up as finishing touch. Brush in the direction of hair growth, beginning at the head, and work towards the tail and down the legs Feeding your dog a high quality dog food will improve the appearance of your dog’s coat with a natural luster. A clean, well-brushed dog will stay warmer in the winter as the dirty hair compacts and lies close to the body, while clean hair lofts up and insulates your dog from the cold.

Short-haired Dachshund needs to have bath anywhere from once a week to once a month, depending on individual differences, skin, activity, and season. Bathing your dog definitely helps make the coat smoother and softer. Dachshunds produce a special hair fat that serves an insulating layer to protect it against the elements. Bathing removes this hair fat which makes the coat softer but also makes your dog more vulnerable. So bathe your dog occassionaly, but not too often. Care should be taken to avoid getting water or soap in the ears when bathing. Their ears are very sensitive, but it’s important to clean them regularly also.

You Can Use Ear Wipes Like These ones to clean the ears regularly. Here are some simple steps to be followed while grooming your Short Haired Dachshund
STEP 1 Decide if a bath is required Each week, determine if your dog needs a bath.
STEP 2 Bathe If your dog needs a bath, brush first to remove dead hair. Put cotton balls in his ears to keep water out of the ears. Then wet your dog, wash with dog shampoo depending on his skin & coat. Be careful, avoid eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Use a washcloth on
face and around eyes. Rinse well.
STEP 3 Use conditioner Use a dog conditioner for short-haired dogs to keep skin moist if necessary, as short-haired dogs tend to have dry skin.
STEP 4 Dry Towel dry your dog with absorbent towels that our available now a days which makes drying super easy & quick, and then allow to air dry or blow dry on a low heat setting. It is easy to burn a short-haired dog with a blow dryer as there is not a thick layer of fur between the appliance and the dog’s skin, so be very cautious when using heat dryers.
STEP 5 Trim nails and express anal glands if required.

One Very Important thing to remember is :-

The Dachshunds also tend to have a problem with impacted anal sacs, which are located on either side of the anus, causing a very unpleasant odor. These anal sacs need be drained every six to eight weeks. Your vet or your groomer can drain the anal sacs for you, or you can have them teach you how to do it yourself.

Exercising your dachshund on pavement regularly helps knock back claws nicely. Otherwise you will need to trim the claws. Use a trimmer designed for dog’s claws. Also have a septic pencil on hand in case you cut into the quick (or the pink) of the nail. This
is the blood supply and the nail will bleed. You just want to cut off the bare tip of the claw. Some dachshunds don’t mind nail trimming, and others cant stand it. The main point is to do nail trimming often so that you won’t have to cut much off at any one time. This reduces the chances of nicking a vein which causes a lot of discomfort and will make your dachshund afraid of the trimmers.

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Why Do Dogs Love licking ones ear?

One of the most common behaviour we see in dogs is licking our ears. Majority of pet owners are used to being licked by their dogs which is a sign of dogs expressing their love & affection towards their humans or other furry friends. Though there is no definite or valid answer we have found to the most common questions asked as to “Why Does My Dog Loves to Lick Others dogs Ears or Its humans ears?”.

Some of the possible reasons behind dogs licking the ears might be as follows :-


Most common way for a dog to express its love comes by the behaviour of licking other furry friends ears or their humans ears. By doing this ear licking behaviour the dogs get full attention of their furry friend or humans which results them to have a mind set of they getting rewarded by the humans. Here the Reward is ones attention that the dog gets in return. Also the ear licking of humans means that your dog is comfortable with you & likes being around you as a member of family. If you see in past before the humans increased & developed dogs used to live in packs in the wild & they would lick their packmates ears to show them that they are accepted as a part of their pack.


As a symbol of Respect also it is very likely for a dog to lick one’s ears.


If your dog has no activity or he is not kept busy he is tend to get bored as he needs to burn out his energy somewhere or the other. So to keep themselves busy they tend to lick ones ears. Hence it is very important to divert your dogs attention by providing alternatives like initiate a game or give them interactive toys or fun feeder toy so that your dog is busy and these toys keep them interested and busy for a longer time then a regular toy does. You can also provide something on which they can chew on to for a longer time. eg teething toys or rawhide bones.


Dogs are accustomed to helping their pack-mates with grooming tasks. A dog licking your ears may be them attempting to clean you or give you a bath.


SMELL is something that dogs sense 40 times more than humans. Be however clean your ears are, dogs have variety of unique smells that appeal to dogs.
TASTE Dogs have about one-sixth the number of taste buds than humans have. Resulting in Love for the taste of ones Ear Wax. Dogs are attracted to odd and interesting smells, and ear wax definitely has those traits. On top of that, dogs tend to like to eat strange things, so don’t be surprised if your dog happens to just like the taste of your ear wax.
SUBMISSION this ear licking behaviour can also be a sign of Submission to humans.

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Matted fur dogs – Part 1

Matted dog fur

If a Dogs coat is not frequently brushed it will lead to matting of the coat. Dogs with curly coat, long coat or double coats frequently have chance of getting Mats.

However in extreme cases the dog’s coat will have a very stiff matting touched to the skin, stopping proper flow of air. When these proper flow of air is stopped it obstructs temperature regulation, causes irritation to the skin and damages skin pores, it becomes very easy for fleas & ticks to settle under the matted coat for long & process breeding of the same. All this leads to extreme discomfort & pain at times for the dog.

matted fur dog

Why Does Dog Fur Get Matted?

When dog fur becomes tangled and wraps around itself & If not brushed out, they continue to trap more fur, becoming closer and closer to the dog’s skin is when the Mats form. Mats form majorly around the neck area where the collar is put, behind the ears which is a favorite place of majority of the dogs love to get themselves scratched by their humans, under their chin, underarms, under where their harness usually sits, their feet, and on the back of their rear legs.

Matting mostly occurs more during the shedding periods, which is when the old coat sheds & new coat comes in. that is when this process of shedding starts and the loose hair isn’t brushed out it tends to settle on the skin resulting into formation of the mats if left unattended for too long. Also dogs who are bathed but not brushed properly thoroughly while drying. Drying and Brushing has to be a side by side process carried together to avoid Matting. Matting also differs from breed to breed & coat to coat. It requires extensive maintenance and an experienced hand, time & energy from preventing matting underneath the coat one’s pets.

Regular and thorough combing and brushing will help to prevent matting in your pets coat. Long coat or furry coat is a must to brush the coat once daily thoroughly. Many Pet owners inspire of combing daily see knots on their pets coat, that is mainly because while brushing their pets coat they only tend to brush the upper layer and the comb does not reach underneath coat at all which results in matting more. However this can be avoided if one uses a right dog brush according to the coat & breed. Like for example we get undercoat comb if your dog has a double coat, or a slicker brush if your dog has a single layer coat.

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When can we start taking our puppy out?

Baby with Pup

A Pup can be taken outdoor for her/his daily walks & outings only once All Vaccinations are done.
Till then please don’t take him/her out as they are very delicate and can catch up any viral quickly.
Also Take precautions at home too like not letting him/her chew on your footwear’s, don’t let him/her sit in washrooms which puppies love as its cold in there, keep all your wires up and safe, don’t leave them with toys alone in the start & last but not the least always provide fresh water to them.

For any queries please feel free to leave a comment here.

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Labrador Retriever for Adoption in Goa

Update 15-02-2018 – They have been adopted!! 🙂

Handsome and Honey are being returned. They are yet again looking for their forever home. It’s a JOINT adoption. They were found abandoned in Madh Island and moved foster to foster. Finally were adopted in Goa…

About 4-5 yrs old. Not neutered. Trying to get this done in GOA

Preferably looking for a home in GOA so the kids don’t have to travel back and forth again.

Pls get in touch on 9167621219. Have until mid of this month to get them to their “hopefully” forever home..

Pls share!!!!!

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Trixie Cat Scratcher

We know that cat is used to scratching any thing  around by its sharp claws. To minimize the loss it will bring, it is a must have to buy a Trixie Cat Scratcher 

It Can Be Fixed In The Corner Of The Walls So It Becomes Steady and Easy For Cats To Scratch On It.

A Must For Cat & Cat Lovers..

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If Any Query Please Feel Free To Ask.

Queries Will Be Answered on Whats Up Number 9820714650


Email Us on

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Dog for Adoption – Andheri West, Mumbai.

Dog for Adoption
Dog for Adoption

So there’s this adorable little doggy who was found drenched in the rains and abandoned on the roadside. Starved and ill to his bones.

A kind lady has taken him in and is tending to his injuries and taking him to the vet where he was diagnosed with critical pneumonia. While all of us were warm at home, he was sleeping in puddles in those stormy monsoon nights. She has exhausted most of her funds in his medicines and vet visits and reluctantly has turned to us for help.

The treatment to return him to all smiles and good health will cost around 5,000. If each of you could find it in your hearts to help, it will go a long way. If you contribute even 20 bucks, it will be of great help. You can directly send it over to the kind lady through PayTM, her number is- 9819760803.

Even if you can’t pool in any funds, help this message to circulate further along with all your kind friends who could help out. That would be equally helpful 🙂

Whatever funds fall short of 5,000, I’ll be pooling in the deficit, but I’ll look forward to all your help- I’m sure you will help out 🙂