Matted dog fur

If a Dogs coat is not frequently brushed it will lead to matting of the coat. Dogs with curly coat, long coat or double coats frequently have chance of getting Mats.

However in extreme cases the dog’s coat will have a very stiff matting touched to the skin, stopping proper flow of air. When these proper flow of air is stopped it obstructs temperature regulation, causes irritation to the skin and damages skin pores, it becomes very easy for fleas & ticks to settle under the matted coat for long & process breeding of the same. All this leads to extreme discomfort & pain at times for the dog.

matted fur dog

Why Does Dog Fur Get Matted?

When dog fur becomes tangled and wraps around itself & If not brushed out, they continue to trap more fur, becoming closer and closer to the dog’s skin is when the Mats form. Mats form majorly around the neck area where the collar is put, behind the ears which is a favorite place of majority of the dogs love to get themselves scratched by their humans, under their chin, underarms, under where their harness usually sits, their feet, and on the back of their rear legs.

Matting mostly occurs more during the shedding periods, which is when the old coat sheds & new coat comes in. that is when this process of shedding starts and the loose hair isn’t brushed out it tends to settle on the skin resulting into formation of the mats if left unattended for too long. Also dogs who are bathed but not brushed properly thoroughly while drying. Drying and Brushing has to be a side by side process carried together to avoid Matting. Matting also differs from breed to breed & coat to coat. It requires extensive maintenance and an experienced hand, time & energy from preventing matting underneath the coat one’s pets.

Regular and thorough combing and brushing will help to prevent matting in your pets coat. Long coat or furry coat is a must to brush the coat once daily thoroughly. Many Pet owners inspire of combing daily see knots on their pets coat, that is mainly because while brushing their pets coat they only tend to brush the upper layer and the comb does not reach underneath coat at all which results in matting more. However this can be avoided if one uses a right dog brush according to the coat & breed. Like for example we get undercoat comb if your dog has a double coat, or a slicker brush if your dog has a single layer coat.

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