Why does my dog lick my ears?

Why does my dog lick my ears?
Why does my dog lick my cat’s ears?
Why does he lick other dog’s ears???

Dog’s have their own unique way of communicating. Being pack animals, it is imperative they be good communicators. Every behavior communicates something. With time dogs have evolved in their communication. Some are unique to domesticated dogs, while others are more generic to dogs in general.

Well coming back to the reason why your dog licks your ears? Its Lurrrveeeeeeee…. Yesss! Your dog loves you! Licking ears is one way our domesticated ‘home dogs’ show their affection towards us..

In the wild, dogs lick ears of their pack members to show their approval & acceptance of the other in the pack. Since dogs can’t quite lick their own ears, they depended on other pack members to keep their ears clean and take care of any mite issues. In the modern domesticated world, we run to our groomers for that!

Some studies also show that boredom could be the reason why dogs lick other dog’s ears.. If you have figured this is the reason your pooch is doing this, you might want to engage him in some fun activity

Another reason why he could be doing that (you might want to sit down for this!).. is that your dog may have developed the taste for your smelly, salty ear wax? You know, how some people love that goat cheese (Never understood that one!) Some dogs with a unique palate might also think of it as a treat! (yeah.. gross!!!!)

The ear wax also could get smellier and might taste different if there is an underlying infection, so if your dog licks your cat or other dog’s ears excessively you might want to drop in for a quick Vet visit.

Note: If you start to notice changes in your dog/cat’s regular behavior, please consult a behaviorist or vet immediately. There could be a medical reason or a behavioral issue to why your pet is behaving differently.

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