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Labrador Retriever for Adoption in Goa

Update 15-02-2018 – They have been adopted!! 🙂

Handsome and Honey are being returned. They are yet again looking for their forever home. It’s a JOINT adoption. They were found abandoned in Madh Island and moved foster to foster. Finally were adopted in Goa…

About 4-5 yrs old. Not neutered. Trying to get this done in GOA

Preferably looking for a home in GOA so the kids don’t have to travel back and forth again.

Pls get in touch on 9167621219. Have until mid of this month to get them to their “hopefully” forever home..

Pls share!!!!!

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Dog for Adoption – Andheri West, Mumbai.

Dog for Adoption
Dog for Adoption

So there’s this adorable little doggy who was found drenched in the rains and abandoned on the roadside. Starved and ill to his bones.

A kind lady has taken him in and is tending to his injuries and taking him to the vet where he was diagnosed with critical pneumonia. While all of us were warm at home, he was sleeping in puddles in those stormy monsoon nights. She has exhausted most of her funds in his medicines and vet visits and reluctantly has turned to us for help.

The treatment to return him to all smiles and good health will cost around 5,000. If each of you could find it in your hearts to help, it will go a long way. If you contribute even 20 bucks, it will be of great help. You can directly send it over to the kind lady through PayTM, her number is- 9819760803.

Even if you can’t pool in any funds, help this message to circulate further along with all your kind friends who could help out. That would be equally helpful 🙂

Whatever funds fall short of 5,000, I’ll be pooling in the deficit, but I’ll look forward to all your help- I’m sure you will help out 🙂